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About Kathy Helidoniotis

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I was one of those kids who was completely nuts about horses and started riding when I was six. My room was crammed with books on horses, toy horses, model horses, posters of horses, and even a headless horse clock (just like Ashleigh in 'Totally Horse Mad!')  By the time I was ten I had a horse all of my own. His name was Clarrie and he had lots of personality. It wasn't unusual to find him in the kitchen, having a sticky beak at what we were all up to. I also used to own a beautiful Appaloosa mare called Georgia. I still love horses and still love to ride.

I was also completely nuts about reading. Apart from riding it was my favourite thing to do. On cold, rainy winter days, when Clarrie was hiding under the neighbour's carport, there was never a shortage of great books to read at our place.

I always wanted to be an author. I needed to write and the stories that swirled around my head were stories of horses and the kids who loved them. My first novel, 'Totally Horse Mad', was published in May 2006 and was followed by 'Horse Mad Summer', 'Horse Mad Academy', 'Horse Mad Heroes' and 'Horse Mad Western'. At this stage there will be six 'Horse Mad' books, but I'd love to write more. I'm already planning another series. All draw from my wonderful, horsy childhood.

So far I've also written educational material for the high school market, articles for primary school children and eight books for very young children.

Photo of Clarrie
My new horse 'Georgia'
This was my horse, Clarrie. He was naughty and had bad manners (he liked to use me as a tissue) but I loved him anyway!
This was Georgia, a sweet 11 year old solid Appaloosa mare. "Solid" means she had no spots. She was an amazing Western show horse who taught me a lot about riding! I miss her heaps.


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