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Horse Mad Facts.Photo of a Zebroid

Did you know:

  • Horses have been around in some form or other for at least 50 million years!
  • Foals are born with legs 90% of their full adult length.
  • Most foals are born at night.
  • All Thoroughbreds birthdays are celebrated on the same day – August the first.
  • A horse has two blind spots – right behind the horse and just in front of and beneath the nose.
  • A horse's height is measured in hands (10.2 cms)
  • The world's smallest horse is the Falabella which ranges from 38 – 76 cm tall.
  • Apart from Antarctica, Australasia is the only continent with no native horses.
  • The oldest ever horse lived to be 62!
  • Horseshoes are said to be lucky and the luckiest horseshoe of all is one from the hind leg of a gray mare.
  • Foals can stand an hour after they are born.
  • There are over 150 different breeds and types of horses.
  • There are about 75 million horses in the world.
  • A horse has approximately 205 bones.
  • A horse's teeth can be used to estimate its age.
  • A zebroid or zorse is a cross between a horse and a zebra. A cross between a zebra and a donkey is a zeedonk.
  • The smallest pony ever was a stallion named "Little Pumpkin" who was only 35 cms tall!
  • The fear of horses is known as equinophobia.
  • Horses can't breathe through their mouths.
  • Breeding a male donkey to a female horse results in a mule. Breeding a male horse to a female donkey results in a hinny.
  • Mules and hinnies are almost always sterile.
  • A donkey stallion is called a jack. A donkey mare is called a jenny.
  • One of the tallest horses on record was a Percheron called Dr Le Gear. He stood 21 hands high (2.13 metres) and weighed 1,370 kilograms!
  • Arab horses have 17 ribs (all other horses have 18), five lumbar vertebrae (other horses have six) and 16 tail vertebrae (other horses have 18).
  • The last remaining truly wild horse is the Przewalski Horse (Asiatic Wild Horse). It has 66 chromosomes – all other horses have 64.
  • The Brumby is the feral horse of Australia, the Kaimanawa is the feral horse of New Zealand.
  • The sensitive, wedge-shaped part of a horse's foot is called the frog.
  • The right hand side of a horse is called the off side. The left hand side is the near side.
  • Horses sleep between two and three hours per day. Only 45 minutes of this sleep time is spent lying down.
  • Modern horses are known as Equus caballus.
  • Zebra stripe patterns are as distinctive as human fingerprints.

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