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News & Events

News & Events

August 2010

Totally Horse Mad and Horse Mad Summer are now available in Czech! Keep an eye on my website for more new covers.

Horse Mad Summer
Totally Horse Mad

July 2010

The Horse Mad series is now out in Norway! I absolutely love these covers!

June 2010

So far the first four Horse Mad books have been published in Germany – wow! Aren't these covers amazing?

Totally Horse Mad
Horse Mad Summer
Horse Mad Academy
Horse Mad Heroes

May 2010

How awesome! The Horse Mad series has been published in Canada! Check out these totally gorgeous covers!

Totally Horse Mad
Horse Mad Summer
Horse Mad Academy
Horse Mad Heroes
Horese Mad Western
Horse Mad Heights
Horse Mad Whispers

June 2008Horse Mad Western

Horse Mad Western has just been released and it looks gorgeous! Read more about the book.

June 2008

More amazing news! The Horse Mad Series will soon be released in Canada! Keep an eye on my website for more information.

August 2007

Some not so good news - I've had to sell Georgia. She went to a wonderful and kind home and I know she'll be really happy and well looked after. I'll miss you, beautiful horse!

April 2007

Pony Club is amazing! Every month we have a gymkhana and Georgia is doing really well. We won another blue ribbon this month in barrel racing. I don't think we took the barrels as fast as Ash and Honey but we had just as much fun!

March 2007

Georgia and I have just joined Pony Club and we're having an amazing time! We just won our very first blue ribbon together in the flag race. We won a few red and white ribbons too - what an incredible day!

January 2007

Guess what! The Horse Mad series can now be read as part of the 2007 NSW Premier's Reading Challenge for Years 5 and 6. Any one of the Horse Mad books can be read as part of the challenge, so start reading and have fun! For more details check out the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge website.

November 2006Cobbitty

This has been such an exciting month. Georgia and I competed in our first show together and we won a few ribbons! We had so much fun that day. Click on the photo to see a larger view.

Exciting news! Horse Mad Academy is out at last! Read the Horse Mad Academy media release

September 2006

The second book in the Horse Mad series has now been released, and it's called 'Horse Mad Summer'. Read more about the book.

July 2006

What a month! The Horse Mad Series was officially launched at the News South Wales Writers' Centre on July 22nd. I had such a good time. Shona Martyn from HarperCollins Publishers was there to open the launch then multi award-winning author Susanne Gervay officially launched the series. I said a few words and we cut the cake (chocolate mud – yum!).

Click on the horse shoe to read the launch speech by Susanne Gervay. Speech button

Click on the photos from my Horse Mad series launch below to view larger versions.

Horse Mad Series launch photos
Horse Mad Series launch photos
Horse Mad Series launch photos
Susanne and I listening to Shona's speech.
Susanne, Shona and I cutting the cake - Horse Mad is launched!
Me cutting the cake with my two of my three gorgeous kids, Mariana and John. Simon was playing in the garden when this was taken!
Horse Mad Series launch photos
Horse Mad Series launch photos
Horse Mad Series launch photos
Here I am with Susanne and my wonderful mentor, Stephen Measday.
Here is Susanne Gervay launching Horse Mad. To read her speech click on the horseshoe above.
Another pic of Stephen and I.


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